Beautify a Face -
If you have an image of yourself that your not satisfied with you can beautify it with help from this tutorial.
Öppnad 324 gånger.
Create a nice looking glass ball -
In this tutorial you learn how to create a very nice looking glass ball that reflects the material under it.
Öppnad 708 gånger.
Compact disc -
Learn how to draw up a detailed compact disc.
Öppnad 299 gånger.
Water Drops -
A quick and easy way to create water drops.
Öppnad 503 gånger.
Interface Button -
This tutorial will show you how to create a simple inset button for yo
Öppnad 414 gånger.
Smiley -
This tutorial show how you can create a 3D Smiley from scratch.
Öppnad 480 gånger.
Sun -
Show how to make a red hot Sun
Öppnad 403 gånger.
Swirl Text Logo -
This tutorial is a result of a few filters and tricks. Useful for crea
Öppnad 437 gånger.
Planet Tutorial -
This tutorial show how you can make a planet.
Öppnad 317 gånger.
Ice Text -
Learn how to chisel your own ice text.
Öppnad 537 gånger.
Matrix Text -
Apply Matrix text effects in a few steps.
Öppnad 277 gånger.
Glowing Text -
A twist on the typical glowing text tutorial.
Öppnad 376 gånger.
Reflective Orb - platinumGFX
Make a reflective orb using the polar coordinates filter. This orb is
Öppnad 370 gånger.
Spike TV Logo -
Learn how to create the Spike TV logo by learning how to make this te
Öppnad 369 gånger.
Create a Book -
This tutorial shows you how to create a book from scratch in Photoshop
Öppnad 350 gånger.
Emoticon - Silent Designs
This tutorial will show you how to make your very own emoticons. Any
Öppnad 338 gånger.
Mechanical Pencil -
Learn how to create a pencil in minutes with photoshop. This tutorial
Öppnad 312 gånger.
Microphone -
Learn how to create a great looking microphone in Photoshop.
Öppnad 948 gånger.
Plastic and chrome - Eyes on Design
Here is how I made my plastic/chrome buttons.
Öppnad 466 gånger.
Rusty Text - Eyes on Design
Here's how I made the text in the Rust texture tutorial.
Öppnad 285 gånger.
Chrome Caps - Eyeball Design
Another great thing you can make out of your chrome rings.
Öppnad 242 gånger.
Aqua Buttons - Eyeball Design
A good version of creating those nifty aqua buttons or spheres
Öppnad 316 gånger.
Cracks - Eyeball Design
Another simple but great effect for your interfaces
Öppnad 325 gånger.
Speaker - Infinite-Fire
Learn how to make a stylish speaker with ease.
Öppnad 388 gånger.
High Tech Button -
Round buttons for your menu/interface.
Öppnad 448 gånger.
Realistic Icons with Photoshop -
In this tutorial we will be creating a realistic pen.
Öppnad 324 gånger.
Another Button - Jason P.
Learn to create a very cool looking 88x31 button for your site.
Öppnad 563 gånger.
Interface Design -
Create a shiny green skin/interface.
Öppnad 521 gånger.
Chrome buttons - Eyes on Design
Great buttons for your interfaces and homepages.
Öppnad 294 gånger.
Pattern Wire - Eyes on Design
Nifty pattern wires.
Öppnad 326 gånger.
Pixelated Shadow - Eyes on Design
An easy but very effective text effect.
Öppnad 302 gånger.
Chrome Bug - Eyes on Design
How to use gradients and curves to create cool metallic bugs.
Öppnad 457 gånger.
Cartoon eyes - Eyes on Design
Make some easy and nice looking Cartoon Eyes.
Öppnad 858 gånger.
Vortex Effect -
Learn how to make this whispy vortext effect.
Öppnad 372 gånger.
Liquid Metal - Spoono
Make this mercury-like liquid metal effect.
Öppnad 354 gånger.
Silver button -
Make a silver metallic button with this detailed tutorial.
Öppnad 372 gånger.
3D Orb -
Make this glassy 3D orb with this detailed tutorial.
Öppnad 652 gånger.
LCD Screen - Knight Designs
Make an LCD screen using layer styles so you can save them for later.
Öppnad 600 gånger.